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shinyhearts's Journal

Happy Ruttin' Valentines
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Welcome to Happy Ruttin' Valentines - a Firefly fanfic challenge community.

So the challenge holiday season has passed and you may be feeling some of those winter blues. (Unless of course you live in the southern hemisphere in which case you're feeling the sunny blues? No that doesn't sound right.) Whatever the case, gift giving season is about over. And frankly that makes me sad.

That's where shinyhearts comes in. Give someone a Valentine filled with Firefly love. You know you wanna.

How it works: Sign ups will run until 1/13/06 midnightish (or really 1/14/06 as that's probably when I will be checking email.) Assignments will be sent out shortly thereafter and participants will have the next couple of weeks to write a fic of at least 500 words.

So what's the challenge?

Pick a "classic" love story and write it with our Big Damn Heroes. It can be an AU, it can be a modern retelling, whatever you want, so long as it contains elements of the original story. Don't like the way the original story ends? Change it! (Hey, Disney does it all the time.) Have fun with it!

Sign ups: Closed

Sign ups go until 1/14/06
Assignments will go out by the evening of 1/15/06
Stories will be due 2/11/06
Stories go live on 2/14/06
Authors revealed 2/17/06

Any questions contact me (loveflyfree) at shinyhearts@gmail.com

Spread the love!

Stories will be posted at shinyheartsfic